Why Music is Important in a Child’s Life

Music is important in a child’s development. It is so important that some parents even expose music to their babies in utero. But why? What is it about music that is so important to a child’s life?

  • Creativity: Music inspires creativity within a child. When a child listens to music, they dance and sing. In fact, Infants as young as 5 months naturally dance to the beat of a song. In addition, a sense of pride develops when a child makes up their own song. For instance, a child can express their creativity through piano lessons and proudly share it with their parents and teachers.
  • Brain Development: Music helps a child’s brain form important connections. These connections involve the right and left side of the brain and motor and cognitive development. To say that music makes children smarter is correct. The science proves it!
  • Emotional Outlet: Childhood is wonderful, but can be hard. Children who are exposed to music from a young age can use it as an emotional outlet. Through music, children can express their feelings in a positive way. Also, music can be used as a tool to calm an overactive or upset child.

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